journalist, digital producer, developer

Guardian productions - LIGHTBOX

I produced the Guardian's award-winning city guide series, experimented with immersive video in Tokyo, panoramic zooming galleries in the Lake District, Vimeo slideshows in Hong Kong, and interactive maps. And for one glorious afternoon, I also allowed thousands of users to play Street Fighter II on the Guardian website, but that's another story.

Interactive stories

Interactive stories are built-from-scratch image & multimedia features that can dropped natively into your site or embedded like a YouTube video. Everything can be customised, including video & audio, and they work on mobile devices & tablets too.

The Reddit Edit

Pulling from 6 newsworthy sections of Reddit, The Reddit Edit is a news aggregator skimming off the top of the crowdsourced pile. My first fully independent production, it has been featured in The Altantic, Sky News, Mashable, and TheNextWeb.


kerouapp is a mobile reporting tool that maps tweets, videos, images and audio, in real time, or in the past. All the reporter needs is a phone and a Twitter account. The Guardian have used it to map my TwiTrip adventures in Krakow, the French elections, and the Eurozone crisis. The BBC used it to map the 2011 Isle of Wight Games, which is also cool. Wanna use it?