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Guardian & NYT travel writing

I've been a very lucky boy. I started writing for the Guardian Travel section in my third year at university, and have written hundreds of travel pieces, from wooden settlements on the Uruguayan riviera to living with strangers in Albania, via getting naked in Bulgaria. I've also written travel pieces for the New York Times, from their most read feature of 2010 on airbnb to, um, a piece on why Deptford & New Cross are the most exciting districts in London.

Guardian features

I've also written for the Guardian's CommentIsFree and G2 sections, including this piece on what happens when you do everything the internet tells you to for a day, this piece on why Alec Baldwin should turn his phone off, and why Definitely Maybe by Oasis is my favourite album.

NYT football blogs

I'm a hopeless football obsessive, with an acute affliction for West Ham. Some idiot at the New York Times thought it would be a good idea to let me write in public about football, so I blogged about Joey Barton, fans being rowdy, David Beckham's inadvertent politics... and other stuff.

Journalism blogs

I'm also a little obsessed about the future of journalism, and have misspent plenty of hours writing about why hyperlocal is all hype, how broadsheets should deal with blogs, why a journalistic state of nature is imminent, and why The Internet Manifesto is really annoying. Read all my media musings here.